Ingredients for Happy Lunchtimes 2

Keeping the Children Safe


playground 2

Safety at lunchtimes is a number one priority!

Safety plans need to look at……

The size of your play space

How many children

How many staff

What is the environment like?

Are there any blind spots?

What equipment/games ideas do you have?

What can you do to improve safety?


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Ingredients for Happy Lunchtimes 1


Building Good Relationships

  • Get to know the children
  • Listen to them and show a genuine interest
  • Respect them – works wonders for their self esteem!
  • Set clear boundaries, provide clear instructions
  • Be consistent
  • Have high expectations for behaviour but be realistic!




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What a ‘to do’ list….


Octopus - Copy

  1. Managing meals
  2. Teaching social and self-help skills
  3. Teaching hygiene
  4. Managing behaviour
  5. Including children with additional needs
  6. Listening to children
  7. Planning games.. making them fun
  8. Looking after playground equipment
  9. Looking out for bullying
  10. Responding to fall-outs
  11. Supporting and involving isolated children
  12. Making arrangements for play on adverse weather days
  13. Communicating important information to teachers




Having knowledge of…

  1. Cultural and social issues
  2. Safeguarding
  3. Health and safety
  4. First aid


Phew! So much to do and be aware of in so short a time…




But well worth it when children arrive safely at afternoon session rested, exercised, relaxed, comfortable and fed, feeling secure, with increased social skills, ready to learn!!


Time for a cuppa….



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Hello and welcome to our new blog The Playtimesblog.

Although blogging may be something new for us we’re very proud to say we’ve been delivering training to midday supervisors for nearly 18 years. And in that time we’ve met quite a few MDSAs…..

An amazing 50,000!! 

(Well ok that is a bit of an estimate!)

Nonetheless by talking to so many lovely people who work with children we know that one thing is for sure:

Playtimes are a very important part of the school day.

And it’s not just us and them that knows this.

The National Children’s Bureau says so too:

“The benefits of school playtime are widely acknowledged”.

“Play activities are not essential to meet basic physical survival needs. But play does seem to support children’s emotional well being as well as a wide range of learning within their whole development” .


Looking forward to posting again soon! Bye for now.


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