Applying for the job – not really child’s play

An online forum for School Lunchtime Supervisors has several individuals discussing their job interviews. One person, with over 20 years experience in a senior admin role, commented that she’d: “misguidely thought it was a job anyone could walk into”.

She found the following questions particularly tough:

What would you do if a child had only a packet of crisps in their lunchbox? 

What would you do if a child told you they had a secret to tell you that you must keep?

What would you do if you saw a child talking to someone through the gates that the child said was their grandmother? 

Tough questions indeed – especially with no previous work experience or preparation for the interview. And reading the job profile for the School Lunchtime Supervisor on       The National Careers Service website it’s clear the job is not child’s play – apologies for the pun!

  • helping children who are in difficulties, for example with cutting up food
  • encouraging good table manners
  • making sure behaviour does not become too boisterous.
  • supervise children in the playground (or in the hall or classroom in wet weather)
  • stop any dangerous behaviour
  • deal with any quarrels or fights
  • comfort children who are upset
  • deal with minor injuries such as cuts, grazes and bruises
  • sometimes organise games

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