Celebrating 18 years!

This October we’re celebrating our 18th anniversary of training midday supervisors.

It’s been a rewarding and enlightening journey ….from the early days of working in neighbouring Leicestershire schools to today working with schools as far afield as Northumbria and Cornwall.

We’ve learnt so much from meeting midday supervisors – how they feel about their role, the challenges they face and how much they want to feel valued members of the school team. They tell us how helpful it is for them to meet staff from other schools and that they’re looking for practical ideas to help them do their job even better. They ask our advice about all kinds of dining hall and playground scenarios. They want to know how to nip a situation in the bud before it escalates into a big drama. And if something does become a big drama then they want to know strategies for dealing with it confidently themselves without involving a member of the teaching staff.

A basic understanding of child development and psychology is a must for midday supervisors. It underpins all our training courses and gives them credibility.

But it’s the simple tried and tested tips (that derive from this) that the midday team really want to talk about.

Tips on

  • How to work with other members of the school team
  • Keeping children safe
  • How to build positive relationships
  • Behaviour strategies
  • What causes different types of behaviour
  • How to help children modify problem behaviours
  • Identifying and anticipating triggers
  • How to support and to include children with varying needs
  • Introducing new games


We’re looking forward to many more years of midday team training and we wish you all a wonderful New (academic) Year .

Here’s to another 18!

Best wishes




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