Planning for Rainy Day Lunchtimes




  • Be ahead of the game and have an Action Plan for wet lunchtimes.
  • Sort toys and games, create storage boxes – make sure they’re labelled and you know which age group they’re for
  • Make a file of games and activities
  • Have a separate sheet for each game or activity…                                                              write a description /state which age group it’s for/state the learning outcomes/location/number of staff/resources and equipment needed/make room on the sheet for your comments and evaluation

It might take a few weeks to put everything in place but it will be well worth it in the end 🙂



Rainy Days – are you prepared?

It’s a cold rainy day in June and playtime is only 15 minutes away. Are you ready?

Have you decided if it is too wet to play in the playground.

Who makes the decision and how do they let everyone know?

Wet lunchtimes can be a challenge for most schools. But with a bit of forward planning they bring new opportunities for children’s learning and can be great fun.

But you need to plan ahead! 🙂