The Summer Term Gets Underway

It’s been a busy start to the new term and already we’ve delivered training as far south as Plymouth and as far north as Penrith.

At a training day in the middle of the country, (Northamptonshire), last week  delegates told us how much they enjoyed swapping ideas with staff from neighbouring schools.

Next week we’re very much looking forward to delivering to schools in Teesside and Bedfordshire. The following week we’ll be south bound to provide training in Peckham, Horsham and Southampton.

Here’s to a very happy new term and lots of opportunities for outdoor play. And if the weather’s not so good why not try our new course “Never Mind the Weather – Let’s Play!”.

Bye for now




Ingredients for Happy Lunchtimes 2

Keeping the Children Safe


playground 2

Safety at lunchtimes is a number one priority!

Safety plans need to look at……

The size of your play space

How many children

How many staff

What is the environment like?

Are there any blind spots?

What equipment/games ideas do you have?

What can you do to improve safety?


Access Training (Train Your School) Limited


Ingredients for Happy Lunchtimes 1


Building Good Relationships

  • Get to know the children
  • Listen to them and show a genuine interest
  • Respect them – works wonders for their self esteem!
  • Set clear boundaries, provide clear instructions
  • Be consistent
  • Have high expectations for behaviour but be realistic!




Access Training (Train Your School) Limited